Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone! 

Q: Am I supposed to give my password downline info to my upline?
 NO... Your password is for you only and your upline does not need your downline information.
Q: When I click my link to register someone the join button does not show..Why?
 You must log out of your account in order for the link to work. Copy and Paste your link (with no space before or after the link) into an email and send it to your self so you can click the link in the email and it will work.

Q: The system is telling me to pay someone I do not think I should be paying.. What do I do?
 Follow the system and pay who the system says to pay even if you think you are to pay someone else... The sytem places possible spillover from random online sign ups and that might be why you are paying an unknown person. It also depends on your placement by your sponsor on his/her first line line and you might be a pass up.

Q: The member I am to upgrade to does not do Nigeria bank transfer? 
 You will need to send a email to with the details for the person you need to pay..
The RIIAB UR2UP and amount to pay=
your username=
the person to pay username=
the name of processor and email=

The Nigerian Team-Leader will send you the bank account details for you to do your bank transfer, he will then send the funds to the person you are to pay and forward me the email receipt from the processor used to admin so I can admin approve.. 

Remember pending payments are auto deleted after 3 days so do not delay.

Q: I have the wrong sponsor what do I do?
A: Your account will auto delete in 72 hours then you can re register...

Make sure your sponsors name is at the top of the sign up page.
If it is not present please copy the link again with no space at the end.

Q: I have a dormant downline can I have them deleted?
A: NO... Paid accounts can not be deleted
Q: Can i receive donations as a FREE member?
A: NO, only fully paid members are in the sytem and only they can receive donations and pass ups from his/her downline... BOTH payments must be made and approved.

Q: Can I change my email address? It was entered wrong when registration was done by my sponsor.
The problem with what you are saying is that the sponsor does not put the correct email address in the registration form and therefore causes ME to have to change emails 50 to 100 per day and I am not done with the email change so they will have to be confirmed when registration is done before they can log in and before they can purchase an adpack.<br>
You will need to re register with your sponsors link.

Q: Can I change my Username?
 No... Usernames are the only thing in your profile that can not be changed...
Q: Refunds?
A: NO refunds will be made. This is a member to member payment system.