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Most peoples’, especially Internet marketers, main priority is to look for the best opportunity online that can offer them a chance of making money, easily and quickly, without the need for prior experiences and know how. RIIAB UR2UP Plan and the excellent compensation plan can actually pay you directly to the processor of your choice, once you become a member.


  • Direct member to member system.
  • Members purchase advertising credits from other RIIAB UR2UP members.
  • RIIAB UR2UP has 4 PHASES. Starting at $5, then upgrade to $10, then upgrade to $25, then upgrade to $50.


Introducing RIIAB Ultimate Reverse 2 up system!


How does it work?

This is a very simple, YET, very powerful program to receive payments on a regular basis from other RIIAB UR2UP Members. When you have 4 or more referrals & your downline does the same, you are in the position to receive PAYMENTS to infinity!

The minimum you need to sign up in order to earn according to the Compensation Plan below, is 4. However, your can refer UNLIMITED members. Signing up a 5 or more member is optional.

RIIAB Ultimate Reverse 2 up system works like this:

Sign Up:

#1: Stays with you! - YOU get paid INSTANTLY!

#2: Passes up to your sponsor - your sponsor gets paid.

#3: Stays with you! - YOU get paid INSTANTLY!

#4: Passes up to your sponsor - your sponsor gets paid.

#5+: Stays with you! - YOU get paid INSTANTLY! (These sign ups are optional)


The exact formula applies to the people signed up below you in your downline!

Remember: #1 & #3 and #5+ STAYS with the SPONSOR and #2 & #4 goes up!

YOUR #1 & #3 and #5+ will pass up 2 each to YOU! The 4 that are passed up to YOU will also fill their first line and in doing so, those 4 will also pass up 2 each to YOU. That then gives YOU 8 pass ups. Those 8 pass ups will then fill their first line, and in doing so, that 8 will each pass up 2 to YOU. That then gives YOU 16 pass ups... This cycle continues to infinity!






This formula continues to infinity!